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Coastline Capital Fund Management LLC ("CCFM") manages portfolios of non-performing notes (“NPNs”) backed by residential real estate and "fix and flip" properties for our partners and specific investment funds. We buy 1st position NPNs backed by single family residences and condos with values of $70,000 and above, analyze the best disposition strategies, implement those strategies, and oversee progress until completion. Basically, we buy NPNs at a low price and realize profits for our investors by liquidating at higher prices. Our management team’s collective abilities provide an advantage over large banks and hedgefunds by allowing us to quickly and efficiently address any management issues. Our ability to invest with aggregated capital also provides an advantage over investing individually as we can get better pricing on NPNs and diversify our risk across a portfolio of whole loans.

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Coastline Capital Fund IV
annualized returns 15%
Investment Type Fund
Total Raise $5,000,000
Min. Invest $50,000
Target Hold 36 mo
Payment Monthly